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Pro-Europeanism equals popularist retrogressive obscurantism.

Posted on Σάββατο, 27 Αυγούστου 2016 | No Comments

If you sit and listen to any pro-europeanist EU lover today, it is highly likely that all you will hear, is the most irrelevant talk. That is irrelevant, if one takes into consideration the geopolitical hell that surrounds us everywhere and the obvious pending collapse, which should by now, be easier than ever to forecast.
As we come closer and closer to this collapse of countries and previously thought unbreakable financial organizations of the west, pro-eu people seem to keep themselves busy with things such as the so called "free movement" between the countries of the EU - something that is already somewhat broken due to the rampant terrorism that we all have felt lately. They also love to talk about the apparent "various EU grants opportunities" that become available from time to time and of course, how could this little baby be missing from the list, the "free commerce" that supposedly the EU provides all of us.

Some, that will try to sell you the "I am more involved" picture to you, will also talk about the "rational re-organizing" of various parts of government, as if such things make any practical sense, when all chaos is ready to explode around us.

If someone would also take a little more time to actually look at what the elected EU officials are making themselves busy with and respectively what their unelected EU officials - who hold the real power - were doing, they would be awarded with an additional and very useful revelation: That while the first group, that is, the group that people hear about and see are talking micromanagement, the other group is planning the totalitarian future of the EU, behind firmly closed doors, where no ears can hear and no eyes can see.

While the first ones, are spending hours on end, deciding how exactly the juice container you just had should be designed so as to not produce an unacceptable number of these awful papercuts, the other group, is busy designing the Transatlantic treaty. While the first group is handing out a few million here and there so as to mesmerize the masses, the others are deciding on how many trillions the next Quantitative Easing economy destruction party will be.

If this situation is not the proof of the existence of an established system of populism, then I truly don't know what is. How else can anyone describe the situation where the many get a few mirrors and gadgets to play with so as to keep them happy, so that the powers that be can keep organizing the next totalitarian treaty or set of laws? And what exactly could anyone call somebody who, in order to support their own addiction to the religious sect that is pro-europeanism, will publicly state that "the EU is our family", except an outright populist?  It must be clear by now to any ordinary person, that in the EU there are two kinds of citizens: The ones who benefit from this statist monster and the ones who have to deal with it, in everyday normal terms.

It is somewhat in this manner that we have all arrived to how things are today. One can freely and without any chance of official criticism, by pro-european. But if you dare to mention the problems that have arisen inside this abominable construction,  you will be labeled a populist at best, or some kind of left or right wing extremist, with all the bells, whistles and tin foil hats that this picture must be accompanied with. All the while, pro-europeans, are free to talk nonsense about any and all irrelevant stuff they want a any level of populism and unsupported argumentation they desire.

But this, this kind of stuff, is dangerous people! Anyone in their right mind with even a fleeting memory of the past, should by now, be able to recognize this particular kind of seed: It is the seed of totalitarianism, obscurantism, retrogressiveness and everything else that come with it which ultimately always leads to destruction and mass graves.

Luckily there is some kind of positive thing in all of this. Many average, normal people are starting to feel that something is very, very wrong here. Today, that feeling is expressing the fact that something stinks badly in this rotten EU from top to bottom. And there's none other than we, the people, who can trust this feeling more, because this feeling is the one that will ultimately protect us, by preparing us for what's coming next. 

This feeling is exactly the one and only thing that the powers that be in the EU and elsewhere hate the most, because it is this feeling that can become into a fully fledged realization and ultimately into real action that has the power to turn the tables. And thus, it is no miracle at all, that popular opinion is deemed the enemy of the status quo. And this is why we see a continuous campaign against common sense (pun intended), which is in the best case scenario fought by deeming all such ideas as populist. And it is no wonder either, that every referendum that produces the "wrong" answer is repeated continuously, because "after all, opinions change over time. But at the same time, there will never be a more final, decided-once-and-for-all, referendum, that had a "correct" outcome...

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are now officially situated in a new middle ages era, which has all the signs, mechanisms and characteristics that prove it to be even worse than the first middle ages.
  • Whatever is right, is now deemed to be wrong.
  • The antidemocratic, is deemed democratic.
  • Total dependence, should now be thought of as independence.
  • Slavery should be looked at as freedom and liberty.
  • Progress is now retrogressive and going back to the stone age should be considered progress.
  • Work, is now a kind service granted to citizens by the state and the worker should be a grateful beneficiary for this service.
  • National independence is now fascism, however fascist states will be the exemplary members of the union.
  • Banks, are philanthropic institutes and blatant usury is simply the market, nothing to worry about.
  • Retail resellers of goods produced elsewhere by slaves, is now business but local producers, are potential criminals who should be thwarted with a vengeance.
  • The application of rules, regulations, limitations, fines and total control over commerce will now be a synonym for "free trade".
  • Any nationally decided policy is by definition "statism", however any decision taken withing the vast and boundless bureaucratic empire of the EU is logical and correct governance.
  • Epic timewasters that spend their time at seminars for this or that EU scam program are obviously busy, serious and productive business people, while real business people must be treated as cows to be milked to no end, drained of any remaining blood and taken to the slaughterhouse. 
  • And so on.

Long gone are the times, where anyone who dared to say that the earth moves around the sun would have to face hordes of middle age cavemen. Today we have a new kind of animal, an new mob, who's goal it is to silence anyone who dares to say the obvious, anyone who is awakened and for the first time perhaps sees the truth:

The king is naked. The EU has a murderous hatred towards Democracy and the rights of the people, it despises real progress and dreams of a new kind of society, where there will be one truth, the only truth which will be forced on everyone, whether they like it or not. A society, where a few unelected bureaucrats and their friends will decide all and for all. The EU, wants and needs a mass of people who will happily, hypnotized and without causing any trouble, accept everything that is prepared for them by a group of people who will essentially and forever be untouchable.

No friends, our generation is not being chased by some barbaric uneducated people with some unscientific beliefs about the planet. We are being chased by their intellectual successors:

The pro-european, pro-EU zombies.

They, do not simply believe that the earth is flat, no. They, want to actually flatten us, dragging everyone to their level, to the level of the totalitarian monstrosity which is so inadequately and falsely called the "European Union".  

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