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Why is the EU doomed?

Posted on Παρασκευή, 24 Ιουνίου 2016 | No Comments

If there's one thing one must understand about the EU, it is this: It's whole design, it's whole construction is based on limiting democracy. In practical terms, this means that it is designed to allow private interests decide just about everything that will be legislated and thereby implemented.

Many, will claim that this is a good thing, because national governments have created a mess, and thus, it is better for some mix of technocrats and bureaucrats to take control of things. 

And it is understandable that this would be thought of as an immediate response to what national governments are currently doing. But this can only remain understandable within the following terms:

1) You must be willing to get into the mentality that states that it's just fine to give up your liberty in order to gain security.

2) You must be completely unaware of why exactly Democracy - even a broken one - is better than a totalitarian regime controlled by the people mentioned above.

As far as the first point goes, one would think that it is obvious why it's a problem. After all, the generation that lived during WW2 is still here with us and must have surely related how it all started.
However, the second point needs more explanation, since it is clear that the ways and reasons of democracy have never been taught.

Democracy is the meta-political system which has in place all the required mechanisms and mediums in order for the people (as in: "we the people", and not "the mob") can limit or outright block the power of private interests, whenever it is deemed as required.

Why is this so important? It should be obvious. The many failings of national governments is NOT the lack of abilities or other skills, or even the refusal to use them. The many failings of national governments, are actually a result of private interests doing whatever they like, whenever they like. Take for example the financial system. Banks and especially central banks have unlimited power.

There's no citizen, political party or government that can control, audit or in any other way apply meaningful control over them. And why is such control important? Because the economy, whether you like it or not, does and will in the future affect every single action you will take. Why should we just let our lives be governed by such private and nontransparent entities? Has it not been proven too many times already that this is not the optimum way to gain prosperity and a happy life for as many people as possible? 

This control by private interest, is not limited to banking institutions. It goes much further, into the health industry, academia, the media, the growth related institutions, the financial market and so on. And all the while, while we, the people let all these private interests control us, we barely get to decide on the most basic and trivial things.

But why is it like this? Why are we in reality only allowed to choose - if you can even call it that - the bare minimum? The answer is obvious: Because it is this system that suits private interests the best.
And thus, we arrive to the question of the EU. Imagine all the faults and failings of national governments. Now, multiply them by one hundred times. That's what you get, if you live in the EU as a simple citizen. Any other multinational has full access to the so called commission, an unelected group of bureaucrats and technocrats. 

They can directly speak to them, set an agenda, request a law change or a new one, and this will directly be "advised" upon by the European Parliament. The commission then can decide to ignore this advise and further that multinational company's agenda.I know that many will claim that it isn't like this, that I am missing the essential info. But reality has proven these claims above 100% correct. If you don't believe this, then try yourself to find a way to repeal any directive of your choosing in a legal and relatively easy manner. The fact is, you will find no such way...

Ask your self these questions: Where does the "power of the people" come into all of this? How could you, or a group you participate in, change any of this? And how can you, the lone citizen or political group, have the same access to the commission as the multinationals. The answers are, nowhere and there is absolutely NO such provision for you. None to repeal, none to change, none to propose, none to control any of it. None at all. 

So what can one expect from such a union? It should be easy to answer that. More of the same failings that you see in the national government system where at least there is some democracy left. Much more. Massively more. You can see it all around you, in the member states that are suffering from forced austerity in order to pay off illegal and odious debts and in the massive demonstrations which in time, will turn more and more violent. After all, this is the course that all antidemocratic regimes are destined to take, no matter what you think the EU may be now.


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